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Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulates the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas resources to ensure the conservation of oil and gas and the protection of surface and groundwater. The IDL serves as the administrative arm of the Commission.

Commission Members

  • Chairman Chris Beck of Hayden Lake, representing water interests
  • Vice Chairman Margaret Chipman of Weiser, representing landowners with mineral rights
  • Sid Cellan of Soda Springs, representing landowners without mineral rights
  • Jim Classen of Boise, representing geological interests
  • Ken Smith of Boise, representing oil and gas interests

top left photo

top left photo

top left photo

Left: Chairman Chris Beck
Center: Vice Chairman Margaret Chipman
Right: Commissioner Sid Cellan

top left photo

top left photo

Left: Commissioner Jim Classen
Right: Commissioner Ken Smith


    Oil & Gas Program
    Boise Staff Office
    (208) 334-0200

Commission Meetings

   – No Commission meeting in June

Aug. 10, 2015 Open House
Materials from Meeting