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Case No. PH-2020-PUB-22-001, Maplewood Property Management, LLC – Howard Rude, Applicant

In the Matter of:
Encroachment Permit Application
No. L-95-S-4916E

Maplewood Property Management, LLC – Howard Rude, Applicant


This application has been withdrawn and the hearing has been canceled.

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12/06/19Notice of Incomplete Application
02/06/20Maplewood Property Management, LLC – Application – L-95-S-4916E
02/13/20Notice of Application - Order for Legal Ad
02/24/20IDL Submission – Permit-L-95-S-4916D dated 06/07/2005
02/24/20Notice of Application - Agencies
02/24/20Notice of Application - Neighbors
02/26/20Notice of Appointment of Hearing Coordinator and Public Hearing
03/19/20Notice of Venue Change for Hearing
03/20/20 Comments on Application – Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
03/31/20Email – Application Withdrawn
03/31/20Preliminary Order to Dismiss
04/01/20Response – Chris & LeeAnn Cheeley
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