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Cottage Sites

    top left photo Priest Lake in northern Idaho
    Photo courtesy of Idaho Tourism

    The State of Idaho owns thousands of acres of state endowment trust land on the shores and upland of two of Idaho's most beautiful lakes - Priest Lake in northern Idaho and Payette Lake in west central Idaho.

    More than 500 individuals and families lease the lots, known as cottage sites, from the endowment trust.

    The endowment trust owns the land and the cabins built on the land are owned by the lessees as personal property. In many instances, the lots have been leased by the same families for many generations.

    Privatization of the Lots

    In 2010, the Land Board voted to divest the State's interest in the lots over time - by selling the lots through public auctions or entering into land exchanges - and reinvest in land assets that produce higher returns for the trust beneficiaries.

    Learn more about Cottage Site Transactions, including public auctions for ownership and land exchanges.


    Divestiture of the State's ownership in the lots could take many years, so leasing of the lots will continue into the future.

    Learn more about Cottage Site Leasing.


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