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Cottage Site Leasing

There are approximately 175 cottage site lots at Priest Lake and Payette Lake and it may be some time before the State divests ownership of most of the lots. Leasing of cottage sites will continue through the year 2024 (see Land Board memo - Approval of 2019-2024 Cottage Site Leasing Plan).

Cottage Site Lots Available for Lease

In order to meet our Constitutional mandate to maximize long-term financial returns from the the use of endowment trust land, IDL advertises cottage site leases that are approaching expiration so that anyone can apply for the lease. IDL also advertises leases for cottage sites that currently are unleased.

  • Cottage Site Lots Available for Lease
    These lots are also being advertised for purchase.
    Click here for unleased Payette Lake and Priest Lake lots available for purchase.
    Click here for information regarding the Voluntary Auction for Ownership (VAFO) for cottage sites.

Conflicted Cottage Site Leases

The Idaho Constitution states that disposal of state endowment trust land must occur through a public auction if two or more parties apply to lease the same land. Disposal has been determined through Constitutional debate discussions and case law to include both direct sales and leasing of state endowment trust land.

An Idaho Supreme Court opinion in 2012 struck down a 1990 State law that excluded expiring cottage sites leases from the public auction requirement. The decision subjected expiring cottage site leases once again to the conflict auction requirement. The decision also served to assert the Board’s authority in matters related to management of state endowment trust lands.

In early 2013 all expiring cottage site leases were made available for any interested individual to apply for, not just current lessees. Conflict lease auctions were held in December 2013 and the winning bids on all three leases were submitted by the "conflictor" or individual who filed the conflict application.