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The Idaho Department of Lands is responsible to the people of Idaho for forest protection. Within the agency's fire program this forest protection responsibility can be broken down in to three components: fire prevention, fire mitigation, and fire suppression. The 10 Forest Protective Districts and 2 Timber Protective Associations are responsible for the protection of more than 6 million acres of state and private forest and range lands. The department works with tribal and interagency partners across jurisdictional boundaries to ensure statewide fire protection.

Humans, not lightning, were responsible for starting almost 80 percent of Idaho wildfires in 2018. The cause of these wildfires varies across the state; escaped debris burning was one of the more prevalent causes. The period from May 10th through October 20th of each year is the closed fire season in Idaho and a burn permit is required for any burning. If you have questions about fire prevention, how you can make your home a fire safe one, or about safe burning practices contact your local Area or District Office.

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    Mark Eliot
    Fire Prevention Coordinator
    (208) 666-8685

    During the fire season there may be times when fire managers find it necessary to implement fire restrictions to limit the further occurrence of human-caused fires. At that time notification will be made to the public so that you can make appropriate arrangements for your outdoor activities. A map, similar to the one below, will be updated to provide visual reference to those Fire Restriction Areas that have implemented restrictions and when those restrictions have been rescinded.

    2018 Idaho Fire Restrictions Plan (pdf).
    The 2019 plan will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

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    For further information on the current status of Fire Restrictions in Idaho please visit

    Remember, burn permits are required in Idaho from May 10th October 20th, inclusive; Burn Permits are available here.