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State Land for Sale

The Idaho Department of Lands is the agency that carries out auctions for state endowment trust lands as well as surplus state property managed by other State of Idaho agencies.

Endowment Land for Sale

The State of Idaho, through IDL, holds real property that may be available for sale. Parties interested in purchasing available property may generally initiate the sale process by an application or nomination process through IDL. Upon application or nomination, the Land Board would approve or reject a sale. If approved for sale, IDL will appraise the property and set a date for a public auction. The auction will be advertised for at least four weeks prior to the date of the auction. The property will go to the highest bid equal to or exceeding the appraised value. Property cannot be sold for less than appraised value.

Contact the Real Estate Services Bureau for information about endowment land for sale.

Other State Land for Sale:
"Surplus Real Property"

State of Idaho property, except for property owned by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), is disposed of through the Idaho Department of Lands, if the agency has identified the real property as surplus to their needs. A surplus property proposed for sale is appraised to determine its value and multiple government agencies are notified of its potential sale and are requested to notify the IDL of their interest. The Land Board must approve of any proposed Surplus Real Property Sales and approve the appraised market value and terms for every sale.

Upon final approval to sell the property, an auction date is scheduled. The property is advertised for four (4) weeks prior to the auction. An oral auction is then conducted in the location designated in the legal notice. The appraised value of the property establishes the minimum bid at the public auction. The property is sold to the qualified bidder submitting the highest bid.

  • Driggs Surplus Real Property
    - Notice to State of Idaho agencies (pdf)
    (NOTE: If there is no interest from State of Idaho agencies in acquiring the property, then the property will be offered to other tax supporting agencies. If no tax supporting agencies desire to purchase the property, then it will be offered for sale to the general public.


  • Real Estate Services Bureau
    Boise Staff Office