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Idaho Forest Action Plan

top right photoThe Idaho Forest Action Plan (FAP) is a long-term, coordinated strategy for reducing threats to Idaho’s forests while increasing the social, economic and environmental benefits they provide.

IDL and a broad group of stakeholders and partners completed the plan, which includes urban and rural forests across all ownerships.

The purpose of the FAP is to help landowners and managers in Idaho identify projects and activities that reduce threats to and increase the benefits of Idaho’s forests.

From communities to rural forestlands, focusing work in the highest priority areas enables partners to leverage funds and coordinate across ownerships as a highly effective way to address the most critical forest resource issues in Idaho at a scale where significant, positive changes can be realized.

Stakeholders can use it to support requests and proposals for resources necessary to implement the strategies and to develop local and statewide collaborative frameworks for implementation.

Overarching Goals

The FAP identifies the following goals and strategies to effectively reduce threats and enhance the benefits of Idaho’s forests.

  1. Idaho’s forests are diverse and resilient to climatic changes and other natural and unique stresses.
  2. The ecosystem benefits that Idaho forests provide are identified, maintained and enhanced.
  3. Forestlands with the highest benefits are identified, protected and enhanced.
  4. Forest ecosystems are resilient to human activities.
  5. Forest-based and wood products markets are economically vibrant and sustainable.

Idaho Forest Action Plan
Part One: Resource Assessment

The Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources is a geospatial analysis of forest conditions and trends in Idaho. It identifies seven main issues affecting Idaho forestlands, and describes the data and models used to identify priority landscape areas in which to focus work.

Idaho Forest Action Plan
Part Two: Resource Strategy

The Statewide Forest Resource Strategy goes through each priority landscape area identified in the statewide forest resources assessment. It discusses the key threats and benefits issues within each of these areas, identifies strategies for addressing them, and lists programs, partners and resources that can help. Last, it provides an overall framework for implementation through the Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council.

Report on Accomplishments 2008-2015

This report summarizes the landscape-scale actions of the Idaho Department of Lands and partners from 2008 through 2015 that address the seven key issues identified in Idaho’s Forest Action Plan. Project summaries at the end of the report illustrate the diversity of work funded with USFS State and Private Forestry grants and partner resources.


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