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Case No. PH-2020-PUB-10-001, Gregory M. and Debra B. Wilson

In the Matter of:

Encroachment Permit Application

No. L-97-S-1081B

Gregory M. and Debra B. Wilson, Applicants


PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: To be considered, all comments must be received by the close of the hearing on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

IDL encourages your participation by either attending the scheduled public hearing via Zoom or providing your written comments to IDL during the comment period specified above. Please note that written comments and oral comments, will be given the same weight and consideration.


Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 1:00 p.m., Pacific Time

To participate in the hearing, you may use the following link:, or from the Zoom application main menu, select Join and then enter Meeting ID 865 6541 9462, and Passcode 420214. Alternatively, to participate by phone only, you may dial (669) 900-6833 and enter Meeting ID 865 6541 9462, and Passcode 420214.

You can view the recording of the hearing on YouTube at this link:

The attached documents for the record are named as follows:

10/01/2020Application – L-97-S-1081B
10/02/2020IDL Email Correspondence with Bill Faloon
10/02/2020Notice of Application - Agencies
10/02/2020Notice of Application - Neighbors
10/07/2020Comment – Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
10/13/2020Order Confirmation – Legal Notice of Application
10/13/2020Affidavit of Publication – Notice of Application
10/26/2020Comment – Bill Faloon
10/28/2020Comment – Idaho Fish and Game
10/29/2020Comment – Bill Faloon – Submission of hearing fee
11/09/2020Comment – Bill Faloon – Additional Information
11/10/2020Notice of Appointment of Hearing Coordinator and Public Hearing
11/20/2020 August 24, 2020-Email/Photos from Bill Faloon
11/30/2020Bill Faloon - Exhibits
11/30/2020Attorneys Fulgham & Kitz for Bill Faloon – Exhibits
11/30/2020Idaho Department of Lands – Exhibits
12/01/2020Idaho Department of Lands – Exhibits, sent to Attorneys for Bill Faloon
12/02/2020Applicant’s Response to Objector’s Memorandum
12/02/2020Objector’s Motion to Strike Applicants Position Statement Untimely Response to Objector’s Memorandum and Affidavit of Gregory M. Wilson
12/03/2020Attorneys Fulgham & Kitz for Bill Faloon – Additional Exhibit
12/03/2020Encroachment Permit No. L-97-S-1081A
12/23/2020Preliminary Order
01/04/2021Final Order

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