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Lake Protection Act

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top left photoWe administer the Idaho Lake Protection Act and regulate encroachments and activities on, in, or above the navigable lakes in the State of Idaho. Encroachments are anything permanently fixed to the lakebed or natural features of the lakebed such as rocks. Examples of navigational and non navigational encroachments permitted by the IDL include docks, marinas, bridges, utility lines, mooring buoys, and float homes.

Encroachment Permit Applications require ALL of the following documents:

For more information regarding the requirements for Single-Family Docks, please see our Single-Family Dock Brochure here.

For more information regarding the requirements for Bank Stabilization, please see our Bank Stabilization Brochure here.

The IDL does not regulate boats/vessels (including any requirements for vessels to be illuminated), temporarily anchored boats, boating safety, or boat traffic. Those responsibilities may belong to the county government (sheriff), Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) as the administrator of the Idaho Safe Boating Act, or federal entities.

Water Intake Lines

Individuals seeking an encroachment permit for a water intake line on a navigable lake must use a pump that is installed and approved by the Idaho Division of Building Safety (DBS). Please see the DBS publication regarding Use of Submersible Well Pumps in Bodies of Water here for more information.

Public Comments Received on BNSF Railway Co. Application

Comments received are generally posted twice per week.

Submitted By
Date Received
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Comment (pdf) Ben Olson 02/27/2018
Comment (pdf) Howard Stoddard 02/27/2018
Comment (pdf) Unknown 02/28/2018
Comment (pdf) Shannon Williamson 03/02/2018
Comment (pdf) Joan Sutton 03/04/2018
Comment (pdf) Colin Hastings 03/05/2018
Comment (pdf) Fred Smith 03/05/2018
Comment (pdf) William Henshaw 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Phillip Joost 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Reid Larimore 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Hendrik Laur 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Jan Lawrence 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) William McCafferty 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Wendell See 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Dorothy Starshine 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Walter Appel 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Cynda Bennett 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) John Berggren 03/06/2018
Comment (pdf) Doug Fisher 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) Steve Harrington 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) Sue Koller 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) Matthew Nykiel, Idaho Conservation League 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) Eric Rosellini 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) Bridger Mahlum 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) John Vhay 03/07/2018
Comment (pdf) Royal and Jana Shields 03/08/2018
Comment (pdf) Morna Gilbert 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Michael Smith 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) William Hayes 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Eleanor Fox 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Jason Jones 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Devin L 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Bob LaVenture 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Robert Stewart 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Gerald Miller 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Marcus Henry 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Frank Ferris 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Paul Cerny 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) David Schafranka 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Kesha LaLone 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Bill Gradoville 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Chel M 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Dorie Stewart 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Cliff Winger 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Helen Franciscocvich 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Stuart Pennington 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Gregory Slette 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Charles Oatridge 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Jim Baldwin 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Evan Thayer 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Richard Gravely 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Jeff Nading 03/09/2018
Comment (pdf) Bruce Coggeshall 03/10/2018
Comment (pdf) Ken Zimmerman 03/10/2018
Comment (pdf) Judith Butler 03/11/2018
Comment (pdf) Scott Brooks 03/11/2018
Comment (pdf) Dina Bennett 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Amy Allen 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Josh Koempel 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) August VanCleave 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) John Boyd 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Kaedin Schorzman 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Chase LaZelle 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Ernest Stuhlmiller 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Alexander Ventura 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Cory Pfeifer 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Bill Taylor 03/12/2018
Comment (pdf) Derrel Ebert 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Dave Cooper 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Laura Kostad 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Derek Brownson 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Kevin Sakamoto 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Randy Mullen 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Bill Jenkin 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Thomas Gurr 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) John Howlett 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Ewan Shortess 03/13/2018
Comment (pdf) Linnis Jellinek 03/14/2018
Comment (pdf) Ira McCown 03/14/2018


  • For questions specific to a lake
    Contact Information for Offices
    -Priest Lake Supervisory Area
    -Pend Oreille Lake Supervisory Area
    -Mica Supervisory Area
    (northern part of CdA Lake)
    -St. Joe Supervisory Area
    (southern part of CdA Lake)
    -Payette Lake Supervisory Area
  • For statewide programmatic questions
    Public Trust Lands Program
    Boise Staff Office
    (208) 334-0200

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