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Lands Available For Lease

Expiring Leases

    In order to meet our Constitutional mandate to maximize long-term financial returns from the the use of endowment trust land, the IDL advertises leases that are expiring within the next two years so that anyone can apply for the lease.

  • Cottage Site Lots Available for Lease
    These lots are also being advertised for purchase.
    Click here for unleased Priest Lake lots available for purchase.
    There are no unleased Payette Lake lots available for auction at this time. Please check back in the future.
  • 2018 Expiring Leases - List (pdf)
  • 2019-2020 Expiring Leases - List (pdf)

New or Pending Lease Applications

We also advertise new proposed uses of endowment lands. In other words, when we receive an application that proposes to use endowment trust land in a way that is considered new for that location, we inform the market in order to give other individuals the opportunity to apply for and outbid the other applicant.

Conflict Leases

All expiring leases for endowment trust lands (including cottage site lot leases) are subject to the public auction requirement if multiple lease applications are received for the same site.

If more than one person applies to lease the same land, then the lease is auctioned to the applicants at a “conflict auction.” Conflict lease auctions are only available to the conflicting applicants.


  • For questions specific to a location
    10 Supervisory Areas
  • For statewide programmatic questions
    Leasing Bureau
    Boise Staff Office
    (208) 334-0200