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Grazing, Farming, and Conservation Leasing

top right photoThe IDL manages more than 1,200 grazing leases that cover almost 2 million acres of state endowment trust land located primarily across the southern two thirds of Idaho. These leases contribute about 285,000 animal unit months (AUM) of forage to livestock operations each year.

Most of the original farming land owned by the endowments was sold during the early portion of the 1900s. What remains is a small portfolio of farming leases that total approximately 20,300 acres. Crops currently grown on state endowment trust lands include wheat, barley, potatoes, hay, corn, sugar beets, dry beans, hops, lentils, chickpeas, rape seed (canola), organic corn, organic barley, and organic alfalfa hay.

The IDL also manages a small portfolio of conservation leases. The leases are developed to allow resource preservation, view shed preservation, wildlife management, and other conservation practices without diminishing the potential lease revenue for the endowed beneficiary.

Grazing Rate Structure Review

IDL is in the process of drafting a Grazing Business Plan and evaluating the grazing rate structure for use on State endowment rangelands in Idaho.

Click here for the 2016-2017 Grazing Program Review page


  • For questions specific to a location or to obtain a lease application, contact one of the 10 Supervisory Areas
  • For statewide programmatic questions
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