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Grazing Program Review

IDL Grazing Business Plan | Grazing Lease Rate Formula

IDL routinely evaluates management strategies for all endowment trust land assets in order to ensure the Land Board is meeting a constitutional mandate to maximize long-term financial returns on the use of the land.

Thanks to input from industry and other stakeholders, the IDL Grazing Program Business Plan is complete. Now IDL is focused on moving forward with a review of the IDL Grazing Lease Rate Formula.

IDL invites and encourages strong stakeholder participation in the review process.

Grazing Lease Rate Review Formula

UPDATE (8/21/18): During its August 21, 2018, regular meeting, the Land Board discussed the Grazing Rate Methodology Review agenda item. One topic of discussion, related to the existing state grazing rate formula and alternatives previously presented by the Grazing Subcommittee, was clarity regarding non-fee costs potentially incurred by state grazing lessees on state endowment trust lands versus private land grazing leases. The Land Board voted 4-1 to continue using the current Status Quo formula until a comprehensive, up-to-date third-party study is completed on the subject of non-fee grazing costs incurred by lessees on federal public or state trust lands versus private lands.

UPDATE (12/22/17): On December 5, 2017 the State Board of Land Commissioners held a special meeting to discuss the grazing rate review and alternatives presented by the Grazing Subcommittee. During this meeting, the Land Board voted 5-0 to put off a decision on the grazing rate methodology to allow further consideration of information regarding the alternatives. Updates will be posted as the information becomes available.
- 12/5/2017 Land Board Memo (pdf - 7 MB)

UPDATE (11/20/17): The Evaluation of Final Alternatives for Deriving Fair Market Grazing Value on Idaho State Endowment Trust Lands, by the University of Idaho Policy Analysis Group, is now available for download.

Supporting Documents:
- Summary of Public Comments
- Public Comments (118)
- Grazing Rate Review Analysis
- University of Idaho Policy Analysis Group (PAG) Presentation of Alternatives
- Grazing Rate Review Analysis Addendum (Addition of Montana Model, Alternative #5)
- Updated Analysis of Grazing Rates

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Grazing Program Business Plan


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