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Oil & Gas Regulation

top right photoThe Idaho Department of Lands is the administrative arm of the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. We regulate the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas resources to ensure the conservation of oil and gas and the protection of surface and groundwater.


Well Production Data - Idaho Geological Survey

Oil and gas production reports that are no longer exempt from disclosure are hosted by the Idaho Geological Survey and can be downloaded here.

NEWS RELEASE: State of Idaho releases oil and gas production data (pdf), October 6, 2016

Past Oil & Gas Exploration Wells

Information on past oil and gas exploration wells in Idaho has been transferred to the Idaho Geological Survey in Moscow, Idaho.


Please Note: If you intend to file an application or form for oil and gas activities, please make sure you have downloaded the most current form from this page.
The first document in this list is a fee summary for each application. In addition to mailed payments, a payment can be made online by clicking the "Make Payment" icon on this page.

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