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Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council

The Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council (ILRCC) facilitates strategic natural resource management across Idaho land ownerships and assists the State Forester with implementing Idaho’s Forest Action Plan.

The council connects communities, forest landowners, government agencies and other interest groups to develop projects that address the key issues identified in Idaho’s Forest Action Plan.

Council Membership

Council members include representatives from city, county, state, and federal governments, land trust organizations, green industry, tribes, private forest landowners, forestry consultants, universities and utilities.

The diverse membership promotes an integrated approach to delivering IDL’s Community Fire Assistance, Forest Health, Forest Legacy, Forest Stewardship and Urban & Community Forestry Programs.


  • Chair: Ken Knoch, City of Ammon – Representing city foresters
  • Vice-Chair: Knute Sandahl, State Fire Marshal – Representing State Fire Marshal’s Office
  • All Council Members (pdf)
  • Member contact list (pdf)

ILRCC Meetings


    Forestry Assistance Bureau
    Coeur d'Alene Staff Office
    (208) 769-1525 Phone

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