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Leasing Opportunities

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Idaho Department of Lands has opened the application period for expiring grazing, crop, conservation, and residential leases. Please see applicable leasing page for application period dates.
Grazing, Crop, Conservation Leasing
Residential (Cottage Site) Leasing


Douglas-fir Tussock Moth Infestation: Salvage Sales

  • The Idaho Department of Lands sold nearly 2,000 acres of dead and dying timber as part of two salvage sales. The tree harvest reduces fire risk, addresses safety concerns to the recreating public, and clears the way to plant trees that are less preferred by tussock moth. Read more here.

Shared Stewardship

  • Idaho's Shared Stewardship efforts emerged as a result of collaboration between the State of Idaho and the USDA Forest Service. Read more here.

Oil & Gas Commission

    Information about the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission and Idaho oil and gas regulatory program (housed within IDL) is available here:

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