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State Foresters LogoThe National Association of State Foresters is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020 (and now 2021 too!) with a Centennial Challenge campaign, honoring both the work of the association in providing a unified voice for state and private forestry in the U.S., as well as the tremendous social, environmental, and economic contributions of state forestry agencies nationwide. NASF will be spotlighting state forestry agencies and their work to complete 100-themed challenges regularly throughout the campaign. 



 “Our goal is healthy resilient forests that are better able to withstand threats from insects, disease and wildfire.”

craig foss, idaho state forester

Meet Idaho’s State Forester

Craig Foss, New Idaho State Forester

Find the Celebration on Social Media

Keep an eye out for Idaho’s Centennial Challenge celebration on social media with the hashtags #CentennialChallenge and #NASF100​ or by following the handle @stateforesters on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Be part of Idaho’s Centennial Challenge Celebration

100 Second Video Series

We are taking on the challenge by producing a series of short videos with the theme of “100 Seconds, 100 Acres, Exceptional Forest Management.” You can help by watching and sharing what you learn about our Forestry Program and how it benefits Idaho.

100 Seedlings Planted in Honor of 100 (and more!) Idahoans on Idaho Endowment Land

We are on our way with our first plantings happening near McCall and Orofino. Do you or someone you know want to have a tree planted in your honor? Email to sign up!

100 Second Videos

More to come!

Video One: When is the best time to harvest? After doing an age test!

Video Two: Thinning forests helps remaining trees grow stronger

Video Three: What are clearcuts? How are they used to make room for healthier forests?

100 Seedlings Slideshow

More to come!

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