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IDL foresters protect our renewable timber resources by managing the land, harvesting the trees, planting new trees, and repeating. A large portion of the annual income for the endowment trusts is derived from the sale and harvest of timber. With undivided loyalty to endowment beneficiaries, we are committed to ensuring endowment forests remain strong, healthy, fire resilient and productive for generations to come.

IDL manages about one million acres of endowment timberland, which make up about 6% of forests in Idaho. However, IDL contributes approximately 23% of the timber harvested in the state. Standing inventory sampling is key to this effort. Over the years, inventory methods have included sampling additional plots, trees, and locations, on a more robust schedule around the state. We have also started to utilize remote sensing inventory methods to fill in any inventory gaps and look at change over time.


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Active timber sales in 2021
MMBF under contract
Timber sales purchasers

Types of Sales

Timber Sales

Volumes exceeding 100 MBF with an appraised value of more than $15,000 are normally advertised for four weeks in a newspaper in the county where the sale is located and are sold at public auction. Some salvage sales may be advertised for less than four weeks if the timber to be sold is at risk due to catastrophic events.

Direct Sales

Volumes not exceeding 100 MBF with a value of $15,000 or less. Generally used to harvest isolated parcels of timber of insufficient value to justify advertisement, these sales require no advertisement and are not used if more than one party is interested in the timber involved.




Eric Wilson Bureau Chief Resource Protection and Assistance 


Kemp Smith
Commercial Program Manager
(208) 334-0202


Forest Management/
Forestry Assistance
Coeur d’Alene Staff Office
(208) 769-1525


Todd Wernex
OHV/Recreation Specialist
(208) 334-0282


Sharla Arledge
Public Information Officer
(208) 334-0286

To find and contact your closest Idaho Department of Lands office see our Supervisory Area map.

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