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Bridges, dams, utility lines, and similar structures crossing above, in, or under navigable waterways require an easement from the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) pursuant to IDAPA 20.03.09 – Rules for Easements On State-Owned Navigable Waterways.

Easement Process

  1. Applicant completes and submits an application packet to the local Supervisory Area Office, which includes:
    • Application Form
    • $500 application fee (hydroelectric producing dams and uses of submerged or formerly submerged lands as a substitute for or to reduce or eliminate the use of uplands require a supplemental fee payable prior to issuance of the easement).
    • Detailed plans
    • Legal description of easement area
    • Copy of Idaho Department of Water Resources Stream Channel Alteration Permit (if applicable) 
  2. IDL reviews the application and will notify applicants if additional information is needed to process the application. 
  3. If approved, IDL will mail the applicant the documents to sign and return to IDL along with the balance on the fee.  

For additional information, review the Idaho Department of Lands Navigable Waterways Easement Procedures.


For questions specific to a location, please contact the nearest Supervisory Area

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