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Working at the Idaho Department of Lands is rewarding, exciting, and a chance to learn and grow in a career. But starting a new job can be overwhelming, especially at a state-wide agency. Our mentoring program gets great reviews and helps introduce employees to the agency as a whole. New employees benefit from a mentor’s knowledge, skills, and experience. We are here to help you succeed in your new position.

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Mentee Maggie Maggied helping to plant trees

Benefits to mentees are building connections with people you don't see every day and understanding the bigger picture of IDL and endowment lands. Maggie Maggied, HR Specialist, says the one of the most valuable experiences was this day in the field planting antelope bitterbrush and sagebrush on Danskin Mountain: "Of course we were out there to plant on a restoration project, but my mentor did a great job explaining why we were out there, to restore the portion of the endowment land that was damaged from a fire years ago." Endowment land is unique and earns funds for public school and other endowment beneficiaries.

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