No Boundaries Forestry is Shared Stewardship in Idaho

The group effort known as Shared Stewardship is taking place in many states. In Idaho, these efforts fall under our No Boundaries Forestry collective efforts. Idaho is addressing more than 6 million acres of Idaho forestlands that are designated as high-risk for potential catastrophic wildfire and insect and disease outbreaks. We need the support and participation of federal, state, industrial and family forest landowners to reach our goals.

The Idaho Department of Lands, the USDA Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service are sharing staff, funding, and are joining with a governor-appointed advisory group to identify mutual priorities and cross-boundary forest management opportunities.

The Idaho Forest Action Plan serves as a path forward for identifying and addressing forest threats across the state—and Idaho Shared Stewardship Initiatives will include the all-lands strategies, GNA projects, and cross-boundary initiatives to mitigate these threats across forested lands in Idaho.

Highlighted Projects

Scattered Lands Hazardous Fuels

The project will mitigate wildfire threats to communities by focusing on hazardous fuels mitigation, improving overall forest health, safeguarding road access to communities, and increasing public outreach and education.

Watch and See the Virtual Tour

Private, state, federal and industrial landowners join together to visit a variety of locations in north Idaho. The tour shows you the actual projects on the ground that may be just the treatment you need.

Highway 95 Corridor Project

This work will address hazardous fuel conditions on 92,355 acres of private, state, and federal land. This will increase forest health and resiliency, enhance wildlife habitat, and create fire-adapted communities.

Contact Us

Ara Andrea
Idaho Statewide Shared Stewardship Coordinator

Brian Davis
South Idaho Shared Stewardship Coordinator

Jeff Lau
North Idaho Shared
Stewardship Coordinator

Jon Songster
Good Neighbor Authority


Teaming up to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire

Sstate, federal and private landowners are teaming up to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire. Using cutting edge technology, overgrown forests and dead and diseased trees will be harvested, while protecting air and water quality, wildlife habitat and the places we love. When our forests are healthy, Idaho is healthy.

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