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Keyboard with key enterAccess IDL is the gateway to online customer self-service and upcoming online services. IDL provides these services to our customers in an effort to provide quick access to many of our programs and activities. We provide access to timber sale information, map services, state land activity records, and leasing opportunities. We are here to help.

General Public Online Services

Now Available

Online Customer Account Portal

In Development

Customers will soon have access to Account Register and Account Login to access customer accounts, view account details, records and payments due. There will be online applications for a new lease, permit, amendment or assignment and online payments for fees, annual rent, royalties, and gross receipts. Customers will also be able to submit and receive documents via the Customer Account Portal and update address and customer account details.

Annual reports that can be submitted online:

  • Crop production for cropland leases
  • Co-locator for communication site leases
  • Mineral production for mining leases
  • Mine exploration location – affidavit and assessment
  • Gross receipts for commercial and submerged land leases
  • Commercial marinas

Monthly reports can also be submitted for royalty production for mineral and oil and gas leases.

Technical Support

Public Online Services

(208) 334-0200

Please contact our Front Desk and you will be transferred to the appropriate program staff to resolve your technical issue.  Technical support for Public Online Services applications is available 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time, during normal business days. Please expect next business day support for technical issues received after regular business hours, weekends and holidays.

Online Customer Services Portal

(208) 350-7850

Technical support for Online Customer Portal applications is available 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mountain Time during normal business days. Please expect next business day support for technical issues received after 4 p.m., weekends and holidays.

Online Services Updates

Online Customer Portal
During 2020, IDL will release the Access IDL Online Customer Portal that will provide instant access to IDL administered activity maps, land records encroachment permits and mine reclamation plans. In addition, customers will have online access to customer accounts with the ability to apply for state leases or permits, and manage customer account activity.

Coming in July 2020
Launch of IDL’s new Online Customer Portal. This portal contains interactive activity maps, access to state land records and leasing opportunities.

Coming in December 2020
Launch of IDL’s new Customer Account Portal providing customers registration and access to customer accounts. View account details, pay invoices due, and apply for leases, encroachment permits, and reclamation plans.


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