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IDL’s Fire Incident Business program develops and coordinates business management policies and procedures to meet agency needs within interagency, department, and State of Idaho standards. The program also provides advice, council, and a coordinating direction on incident business management issues.

Additional roles include:

  • Coordinate business practices for wildfire among the federal, state and local agencies.
  • Review of operational business management practices to identify business irregularities, propose a plan-of-action, and monitor corrective actions.
  • Review of cost accounting procedures and recommend strategies for incident cost containment.
  • Develop interagency guidelines and procedures for IDL.

IDL Contact Information

Amber Honsaker
Fire Business Program Manager
Coeur d’Alene Staff Office
(208) 666-8644

Nicole Lee
Fire Business Program Specialist
Coeur d’Alene Staff Office
(208) 666-8648

Fire Incident Resources

Idaho Cooperative Mobilization Agreements

Find copies of IDL's agreements with local fire departments for equipment and staff mobilized to respond to wildfire incidents.

Preseason Contracts Listed by Dispatch Zone

Resources include equipment, aircraft, catering, sanitary facilities, potable and non-potable water delivery, staging areas, and more.

Incident Business

Find fillable forms like the Crew Time Report, Emergency Equipment Shift Report and IDL contract specifications for catering and more.

Agency Agreements

Master Fire Agreement

The agreement defines who is legally and financially responsible for wildfire suppression across private, state and federal land.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game MOU

This memorandum of understanding outlines how IDL and IDFG cooperate to protect the public welfare and natural resources.

Idaho Transportation Department MOU

This memorandum of understanding outlines how IDL and ITD cooperate to protect the public welfare and natural resources.

Additional Information for Fire Professionals

IDL Incident Business Operating Guide (IBOG)

The 2022 Incident Business Operating Guide helps those supporting IDL Fire, especially dispatch during initial attack, work effectively with our agency.

NWCG Standards for Interagency Business Management

This document outlines how developing solid procedures can help agencies work together on incident business management.

Idaho Department of Administration - Risk Management

Citizen Tort Claim Procedure

The Idaho Tort Claims Act governs how citizens can file tort claims against the state or its employees.

Property Loss Reporting Forms

Citizens should report potential losses to Risk Management as soon as one is aware of a loss.
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