The Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council (ILRCC), convened at the discretion of the State Forester, acts as an advisory body to the Idaho Department of Lands. 

The primary objective of this Council is to facilitate strategic natural resource management through developing and implementing Idaho’s Forest Action Plan, administering Idaho’s State & Private Forestry programs, and crafting grant applications to seek federal funds to carry out forest-improvement projects on state and private forestlands. 

Additionally, the Council was developed to recognize and support opportunities to work together and leverage limited resources to address multiple critical natural resource issues of statewide importance.

Table of Contents

ILRCC Members

Council members include representatives from city, county, state, and federal governments, land trust organizations, green industry, tribes, private forest landowners, forestry consultants, universities, conservation districts, industry, and Idaho associations. The diverse membership promotes an integrated approach to delivering IDL’s Community Fire Assistance, Forest Health, Forest Legacy, Forest Stewardship and Urban & Community Forestry Programs.

Important Information & Resources

ILRCC White Paper

Given changing funding and direction, a new decision making model was proposed.

Operating Procedures

Aligning local, state and federal resources to work collaboratively in priority landscapes.

Forest Action Plan

The FAP is a long-term, coordinated strategy for reducing threats to Idaho’s forests.

Glossary of Terms

Find definitions the common terms used by the council.

Acronym Dictionary

Learn the meaning of common acronyms used by the Council.

Meeting Archive

Find copies of agendas and minutes for past ILRCC meetings.

Staff Contact Information

Tyre Holfeltz – ILRCC Bureau Lead & Fire Representation Contact
Wildfire Risk Mitigation Program Manager
(208) 666-8653

Tom Eckberg – ILRCC Bureau Lead
Forest Health Program Manager
(208) 666-8668

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