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Minerals Leasing

The Land Board and IDL have statutory authority to administer the leasing of minerals on approximately three million acres of land, as well as the beds of navigable waters which were granted to the state in trust at statehood in 1890.

This mineral ownership does not include lands held by the Idaho Departments of Fish and Game, Parks and Recreation, Transportation or other state agencies. However, if other agencies allow their lands to be leased for minerals then IDL will issue and administer the leases.

The IDL leases minerals to generate revenue for the owning endowment fund, such as public schools, or for the general fund when public trust lands are involved. Leases are issued for metals and other mineral commodities, oil and gas and geothermal resources on both land and navigable waters.

Any individual, company or governmental agency that desires to mine minerals owned by the state must obtain a mineral lease from IDL.


Mike Murphy
Minerals Leasing Program Manager
Boise Staff Office
(208) 334-0290

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