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The Idaho Department of Lands will host its annual Log Scaling School from March 28 to 30, 2023, at the Hells Canyon Grand Hotel and a local log yard in Lewiston, Idaho. Each day, school participants receive classroom training and hands on scaling experience in a log yard.

There is no charge to attend this year’s Log Scaling School. 

This class helps prepare those pursuing a career in log scaling for the state licensure test. It also serves as a great introduction for individuals seeking to learn more about the rewarding and precise work of log scaling.

Please register by March 17, 2023, by emailing your name, phone number and employer’s business name to Be sure to write “IDL Scaling School Registration” in the subject line of your email. If you have any questions, email or call Shannon McCormick, 208-666-8641.

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# of Licensed Log Scalers in Idaho

The first step to earning your license is to attend our free Log Scaling School.

Download the 2023 Log Scaling School Flyer

Learn more about this year's school, how to register, lodging and much more!

Read an Overview of Log Scaling in Idaho

This twenty page guide introduces log scaling concepts and clarifies scale vs. lumber yield and more.

Learn about Pro-Logger Credits

Learn more about the Associated Logging Contractors of Idaho's Pro-Logger education program.

Understanding Log Scaling

Scaling, as a system of log measurement, relies on rules to generally express the volume of wood products contained in a log. In its simplest
form, scaling involves physically measuring the length and diameter of a log, then calculating its volume as a cylinder. Scaling also involves determining tree species and identifying log defects.

Scaling helps establish the value of logs by providing an objective, quantifiable basis for calculating the potential value-added
products that can be manufactured from saw logs. Other reasons to scale logs include predicting the quantity manufactured products, confirming the accuracy of timber cruise volumes, measuring log inventory, assessing taxes, creating written records for identifying logs and tracking work accomplished.

There are multiple methods of scaling logs but only two are approved for commercial scaling in Idaho, the Scribner Decimal “C” and Cubic.

Scaling Regulatory Oversight

The Idaho Board of Scaling Practices is an independent state agency attached to the Idaho Department of Lands for administrative purposes. The board enforces log scaling standards prescribed by statute and regulations. It also tests and licenses scaling practitioners and subjects them to routine, unannounced check scales to assure proficiency. 

Idaho law requires that every person performing log scaling for commercial purposes must first be licensed by the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices. Licensed professional log scalers receive a certificate of registration that proves they have been tested and deemed qualified to scale logs commercially. License registrations are valid for a two-year period and scalers must pass an examination every two years to maintain active license status.

Learn More at the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices Website

The Idaho Board of Scaling Practices enforces log scaling standards prescribed by statute and regulations, tests and licenses scaling practitioners, and manages log brand registration and the disposition of prize (abandoned) logs.

Download the Idaho Log Scaling Manual

This scaling manual contains official measurement rules of the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices and applies to all commercial log scaling performed within the state of Idaho. It outlines the theory behind log scaling and enumerates the duties of Idaho licensed log scalers
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