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While their undivided loyalty is to the Idaho Endowment Land beneficiaries, the State Board of Land Commissioners recognizes the importance of recreation to the people of Idaho. Land Board policy allows for public recreation on endowment lands provided those activities do not degrade the lands, interfere with management activities, or otherwise negatively affect the long-term financial return to beneficiaries. 

Designated and Signed Trails

More than 96% of endowment land in Idaho is accessible by foot, watercraft, or motor vehicle, with about 2.4 million acres available for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or other recreation. There are currently 183 miles of designated and signed trails on endowment
lands that are actively managed.

IDL is working on creating designated trail systems and restoration projects to guide recreation. Following trail signs and honoring closures protects valuable endowment land from damage, and helps ensure future public access. IDL land managers may temporarily close areas as needed to enable the effective operation of revenue generating activities and to protect the public.

Recreation Governance

Recreation Maps

Program Contacts


Eric Wilson Bureau Chief Resource Protection and Assistance 


Kemp Smith
Commercial Program Manager
(208) 334-0202


Forest Management/
Forestry Assistance
Coeur d’Alene Staff Office
(208) 769-1525


Todd Wernex
OHV/Recreation Specialist
(208) 334-0282


Sharla Arledge
Public Information Officer
(208) 334-0286

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