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Forest Practices

Forest Practices: Rulemaking for IDAPA 20.02.01 – Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Forest Practices Act

Log Scaling

Log Scaling: Rulemaking for IDAPA 20.06.01 – Rules of the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

Public Trust

Public Trust: Rulemaking for IDAPA 20.03.09 – Easements on State-Owned Navigable Waterways

Reauthorization of Existing Rules

Fee Rules: Docket 20-0000-2100F – IDAPA 20, Fee Rules of the Idaho Department of Lands

Non-Fee Rules: Docket 20-0000-2100 – IDAPA 20, Non-fee Rules of the Idaho Department of Lands


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Rulemaking Coordinator
Boise Staff Office

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Reviewed in 2021 Legislative Session

Docket 20-0000-2000F:
Rulemaking initiated to ensure the continuity of previously approved administrative fee rules under IDAPA 20, rules of the Idaho Department of Lands. This omnibus rule docket includes changes to the Rules Governing Mined Land Reclamation. Rule revisions were negotiated under docket 20-0302-2001.

Reviewed in 2020 Legislative Session

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