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Generating Revenue from Endowment Land

The Land Board and IDL offer approximately 2.5 million acres of endowment land for lease.

Revenue generated from leasing endowment land provides vital funding to the beneficiaries, including Idaho’s public schools. Idaho’s constitution requires IDL to maximize the revenue generated from these lands for the beneficiaries.

Leasing Opportunities


Includes communication sites, industrial facilities, military facilities, office and retail and recreation

Energy Resource

Includes solar power installations, geothermal energy plants and wind turbine farms

Grazing, Farming & Conservation Leasing

Includes grazing cattle and sheep, agriculture and farmland, and conservation projects


Includes metallic minerals and salable minerals such as sand and gravel

Oil & Gas

Includes oil and gas resources on endowment land and other state lands


Includes endowment cottage sites in the Payette Lake and Priest Lake areas

Important Information

GIS Leasing Opportunities & Inquiries

Use this app to find endowment land that is available for leasing. We lease land to generate revenue for the endowment beneficiaries.

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