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Our award-winning GIS team built this fire information Map. They worked in conjunction with the Wildland Fire Interagency Geospatial Services Group. This map of all Idaho wildland fires relies on data from the Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information (IRWIN) system.  Other fire information webpages, such as Inciweb, may only report on incidents that threaten structures or cover large acreages. The Idaho Fire Map displays fire information about all reported wildfires in Idaho.

For the latest news about fires on land we protect, visit our Fire News Feed webpage. Find information about fire restrictions in your area using our Fire Restrictions Finder.

Pro Tips:  If you are viewing fire information on this map with a mobile device, you can hide the legend and make the map appear larger by clicking on the circular icon with inward pointing arrows near the top right corner of the map. For all Idaho Fire Map users, you can zoom in and out, and the fire map key contains features that let you search for a specific address, zoom to the full extent of the fire map, turn layers on or off, and change the base map imagery.


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