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Alternative energy is the production of electricity that is generated without depleting natural resources like coal, oil or natural gas. A solar farm is one example. The Idaho Department of Lands is interested in alternative energy projects that focus on wind, solar, and geothermal sources. 


Leasing Opportunties

Type of LeaseLeasing OpportunityDeadlineAdditional Information
Wind Energy – Jerome and Lincoln CountyRequest for ProposalJune 24, 2022Proposed Fee Schedule

Step-by-Step Guide for Alternative Energy Leasing

Finding Land
  • Review our Idaho endowment land map for sites that meet your project needs.
  • Having trouble finding real estate with the right attributes? Contact Josh Purkiss to discuss potential sites for alternative energy development.
Alternative Leasing Process
  • Proponent submits application.
  • Idaho Department of Lands reviews the application.
  • Upon approval of an application, a request for proposal is developed and advertised to determine if there are any other interested parties.
  • The application that is in the best interest of the endowment beneficiaries is selected.
  • A lease agreement is developed with the successful applicant.
  • The lease is offered for auction.
  • If more than one application is received, the parties bid at a live public auction.



Jason Laney
Leasing Section Manager
(208) 334-0278

Mike Murphy
Minerals Leasing Program Manager and Geothermal Leasing
(208) 334-0290

Josh Purkiss
Real Estate Services Bureau Chief and Solar Leasing
(208) 334-0257

lease opportunity map
View our interactive map of lands with leasing activity.

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