History of Idaho Shared Stewardship

With over 6 million acres of Idaho’s forestlands designated as “high risk” for insect and disease outbreaks and potential catastrophic wildfire, Idaho’s Shared Stewardship efforts emerged as a result of collaboration between the State of Idaho and the USDA Forest Service – analyzing how the focus of federal and state resources on critically needed treatments can impact at-risk forestlands extending from the national forests across all ownership boundaries. This collaboration is memorialized in an agreement signed on December 18, 2018, and aligns with the USDA’s Shared Stewardship Initiative goals.

Using advanced scientific tools and spatial analyses, Shared Stewardship Priority Landscapes have been defined that demonstrate where resources can be directed to make a bigger impact on protecting communities and mitigating these threats to Idaho’s forests. Spatial delineation of these two Priority Landscapes, one in northern Idaho and one in the southern part of the state, was informed by 1) a forestland threats analysis described in the Idaho Forest Action Plan, and 2) a spatial assessment showing recent and future forest treatments across the state. The selected landscapes were then analyzed by exploring trade-offs between and progress towards meeting identified priorities and targets from modeled scenarios developed by the Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station as part of the Scenario Investment Planning Project (SIPP).

Shared Stewardship Progress Report

These Shared Stewardship Progress report videos provides updates about work underway to reduce risk from insect and disease infestation and catastrophic wildfire on more than 4 million acres of federal, state endowment and private land in Idaho using prescribed fire, fuel reduction, timber harvesting and thinning treatments.

Cross-Boundaries Projects Story Map Tour

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Shared Stewardship Information Sheet – February 2021

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Shared Stewardship Priority Landscapes Interactive Story Map

Shared Stewardship Progress Report – July 2020

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Contact Us

Lynn Oliver
South Idaho Shared Stewardship Coordinator

Jeff Lau
North Idaho Shared Stewardship Coordinator

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