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There is a continued need to evaluate and discuss the future of endowment lands within and immediately outside of the City of McCall’s growth and impact areas. While timber harvesting and cottage site leases and sales have been the most visible endowment land management approaches in McCall, new opportunities to generate income for the endowment beneficiaries are being considered. You will find the latest information, dates, and project proposals on this page.


View the Payette Endowment Lands Strategy as adopted by the State Board of Land Commissioners in March 2021


Payette Endowment Lands Strategy (PELS) – Focus Group Meetings

The Idaho Department of Lands organized a Payette Endowment Lands Strategy (PELS) Focus Group. This group helped the department review potential short, mid and long-term strategies designed to maximize revenue generated by endowment land located within McCall’s area of impact.

Meeting Archive

What is endowment land?

At statehood, Congress granted Idaho endowment trust land for the sole purpose of funding specified beneficiaries, which are largely public schools. How the Land Board must manage these lands is also written in the Idaho Constitution. Article IX, Section VIII mandates that they will be managed “…in such manner as will secure the maximum long-term financial return to the institution to which [it is] granted.” 

Land uses in Idaho - many owners, specific usesDifferent Managers Have Different Missions

If you’ve lived in the west, you’ve likely heard land managed by the United States Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management described as “land of many uses.” Endowment land is different.


Scott Corkill
Area Manager
Payette Lakes Supervisory Area
(208) 634-7125

Public Comment

A department finalization of the plan and presentation to the Land Board is expected early spring 2021. The comment period closed March 1, 2021. All comments submitted will be included in the Land Board memo for March 2021, and will be posted below as soon as possible.

Comments Received

Written comments received by Idaho Department of Lands to date are combined in PDFs below and are listed chronologically, oldest to newest:
2020-1121 through 2021-0217
2021-0218 through 2021-0228
2021-0301 through 2021-0316

Strategic Reinvestment
Understanding Endowment Land

Draft Proposal

Note: The State Board of Land Commissioners adopted the Payette Endowment Lands Strategy in March 2021

The final draft, which will include input from public comments, is planned for presentation to the
State Board of Land Commissioners in March 2021.

Payette Endowment Land Strategy Draft  
This revised version is due to the addition of Appendix II and III

  • McCall Plan PowerPoint CoverThe plan discusses transition lands in a community context that require long-range evaluation.
  • Immediate management decisions needed in the context of long-term community and market contexts.
  • A phased approached that would allow revenue generation today, while considering potential future opportunities and trends.

 “The concept is a result of internal guidance and historical plans, City of McCall comprehensive planning documents, other state endowment land plans addressing similar issues,
and Idaho regulations and laws.”

From Idaho Department of Lands Payette Endowment Lands Strategy

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