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Purchase an Idaho Forest
License Plate

Idaho Timber license plate

Buy a timber plate 
and you’ll support…

Project Learning Tree
Teacher Workshops
Arbor Day Projects
Forest Tours
Interpretive Signs
Forest History Booklets
Forest Information
Tree Planting Projects
And much more!

Timber plates are available for your car, truck or motor home.  Order standard timber plates at your local motor vehicle office for an additional cost of $35 the first year the plate is issued and $25 each year the plate is renewed.  Personalized timber plates are available for an additional fee and may be ordered online.

Since 1998 the forest license plate has provided more than $1 million for forest education programs! Also did you know this was the 2nd “special” plate in the state? There are now over 40 special plates.

Order your personalized timber license plate online by visiting and selecting the “timber” plate –
or contact:

Idaho Transportation Department Special Plates Unit
P. O. Box 7129
Boise, Idaho 83707-1129
or call 208/334-8649.

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