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Our GIS-enabled Timber Sale Advertisement application helps customers and interested members of the public locate and review information about timber sales administered by the Idaho Department of Lands. This app connects users with an interactive map featuring selectable layers, appraisal documents, cruise data, development cost estimates and much more. The user guide explains how to use the application and its advanced features. You can also sign up to receive notifications about timber sales offered in your area.

Timber Sale Documents

Approved Fiscal Year 2025 Timber Sales Plan

Approved Fiscal Year 2024 Timber Sales Plan

Fiscal Year 2026 Notice of Future Proposed Timber Sales

Fiscal Year 2025 Notice of Future Proposed Timber Sales

State Laws and Rules Governing Timber Sales

Idaho Code
Title 58 Public Lands, Chapter 4
Sale of Timber on State Lands

IDAPA 20.02.14
Rules for Selling Forest Products on State-Owned Endowment Lands

Land Board and IDL Timber Policies

Land Board and IDL policies are also posted on our Agency Guidance Documents page. 

Idaho Land Board Timber Policies

Timber Sale Purchasing Requirements

Public Involvement Policy

IDL Timber Trespass

Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

Idaho Board of Scaling Practices Website

Idaho Board of Scaling Practices Scaling Manual

Idaho Board of Scaling Practices Cubic Manual

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