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Forest Practices Act

The IDL administers the Idaho Forest Practices Act (FPA), a law created in 1974 to promote active forest management and ensure that the health of forest soil, water, vegetation, wildlife, and aquatic habitat is maintained during the growing and harvesting of forest trees in Idaho.The IDL provides assistance to landowners to establish healthy, sustainable forests and to promote compliance with the Idaho Forest Practices Act. Landowner and logger consultations, and frequent site inspections, ensure continuous growth and harvest of forest tree species; protect forest soil, air, water and resources, and maintain wildlife and aquatic habitat. Idaho’s Forest Practices identify standards for logging, road building, reforestation, streamside protection and other forest practices.


Forest Practices Advisory Committee (FPAC)

The Forest Practices Advisory Committee (FPAC), as established by Idaho Code, provides technical assistance to IDL and the Land Board in matters relating to the Idaho Forest Practices Act.

The committee typically meets two or three times per year depending on current issues. It is comprised of nine voting members appointed by the IDL director for three-year terms. Members include a fisheries biologist; a nonindustrial private forest landowner; two forest landowners, one from northern Idaho and one from southern Idaho; two forest operators, one from northern Idaho and one from southern Idaho; two informed citizens from northern and southern Idaho; and an at-large member.


FPAC 2020 Meetings

Shade Rule Redesign Proposed to the Forest Practices Advisory Committee
December 17 Meeting Documents


For questions specific to a location:
10 Supervisory Areas

For statewide programmatic questions:
Forest Practices Program
Coeur d’Alene Staff Office
(208) 769-1525

VotingTerm Expires
Kit Hart
Potlatch Corporation, Moscow
Forest Landowner Representative North Vice-Chair (2020-2021)
Mick McLaughlin, Orofino
Operator North
Dr. Timothy Link, Moscow
General Public Representative North
Kelly Riggs, Glenns Ferry
Forest Landowner South
Claus “Ole” White, New Meadows
Operator South
John Lillehaug, McCall
General Public Representative South
Tom Bassista, Boise
Fish Biologist
Kennon McClintock, Moyie Springs
Nonindustrial Landowner
Paul Buckland, Coeur d’Alene
General Public Representative At-large, Chair (2020-2021)
Dale McGreer, Lewiston
Resource Consultant
Hawk Stone, Boise
DEQ Representative
Lisa Spinelli
USFS Representative
Lee Andrews, Sandpoint
Resource Consultant

Statutes and Rules

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