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Geospatial data is essential to the work we do as a land management and fire management agency. A geographic information system (GIS) helps us answer questions and solve problems by capturing, analyzing and displaying our data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared. GIS allows us to view, question, and visualize data in ways that reveal relationships and trends in the form of maps, charts and illustrations.

The IDL Land Records professionals maintain a complete geospatial database of all state-owned lands administered by the agency. This database is provided to the public through this site.


To build and maintain Geographic Information System (GIS) capability within the Department of Lands, plat accurate land ownership information for state owned land (Idaho Code 58-119); maintain activity records for land administered by the department; provide expertise and service in fields of GIS, spatial analysis, cartography, remote sensing and aerial photography or other similar technical fields that would not otherwise be available to the department.

Published Maps

Endowment Lands

Projection: IDTM, Size: 28″ x 36″
Endowment Lands Accessible for Recreation
Supervisory Areas with Relief Shading

Projection: IDTM, Size: 28″ x 36″
Statewide Public Ownership, including IDL Endowment Lands

Projection: IDTM, Size: 28″ x 36″
Endowment Lands Colored by Endowment Institutions

Projection: IDTM, Size: 28″ x 36″

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