Shared Stewardship self-guided learning

Shared Stewardship is an Idaho and national initiative that aligns the efforts of multiple agencies, organizations, and landowners as they work across ownership boundaries to implement effective forest treatments and address existing forest health and wildfire risks. 

The September 29, 2022 Osher lecture presentation presents an overview of Idaho forests, discusses the path to  Shared Stewardship in Idaho, and explores current efforts in Idaho. 

Presenters: Dr. Ara Andrea, Idaho Statewide Shared Stewardship Coordinator, and Lynn Oliver, South Idaho Shared Stewardship Coordinator

Learn more about the OSHER program

Foresters gather to talk about multi-agency projects near New Meadowns, Idaho

Watch and Learn

The State of Idaho’s Forests

Video by the Idaho Department of Lands


The West is Burning is a documentary film examining the causes and affects of the current wildfire conditions in the West.

Shared Stewardship Progress Report is a short video from 2020 that provides an overview of shared stewardship featuring leaders from the Idaho Department of Lands and the  U.S. Forest Service.

The # No Boundaries Forestry Web Page  is the place to go  for more information on Shared Stewardship, Good Neighbor Authority, and the Idaho Forest Action plan.

Wildfire Risk to Communities is a USFS website with interactive maps, charts, and resources to help communities  understandexplore, and reduce wildfire risk.

Fire Prevention and Preparedness is an IDL website reviewing wildfire prevention, preparedness, fire restriction finder, and current fire location map.

Landowner Assistance is an IDL website for forest landowners to improve the health of forests under their ownership.

Idaho Fire Wise provides information to landowners living in the Wild Urban Interface.

Ada County Residents information on Wildfire Home Safety Evaluations. 

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