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At-risk communities were encouraged to apply for Community Wildfire Defense Grants (CWDG). This competitive grant program, funded by the bipartisan Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act, helps communities plan for and mitigate wildfire risks.

USDA’s CWDG program helps communities reach the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy goals of:

  • Restoring and Maintaining Landscapes: Landscapes across all jurisdictions are resilient to fire-related disturbances, in accordance with management objectives.
  • Creating Fire Adapted Communities: Human populations and infrastructure can better withstand a wildfire without loss of life and property.
  • Improving Wildfire Response: All jurisdictions participate in making and implementing safe, effective, efficient risk-based wildfire management decisions.

Table of Contents

Eligible Applicants & Land

Eligible Applicants
  • Units of local governments representing communities located in an area with a risk of wildfires
  • Indian Tribes (please apply through either the Indian Tribes/Alaska Native Corporations specific notice or the applicable regional notice)
  • Non-profit organizations including homeowner associations that assist such communities
  • State forestry agencies (including U.S. territories and interests)
  • Alaska Native Corporations (please apply through either the Indian Tribes/Alaska Native Corporations specific notice or the applicable regional notice)
Eligible Land
  • This grant only applies to non-federal lands

Application Period Now Closed

Last date to request access to the online application: October 30, 2023 by 5pm PST

Final date to request submission of final application: October 31, 2023 by 5pm PST

Idaho Department of Lands last date to submit applications: November 8, 2023 by 5pm PST

IDL Community Wildfire Defense Grants Webinar

Links to Valuable Resources

USDA Forest Service Community Wildfire Defense Grants Webpage

Learn how this grant program can help at-risk communities and Tribes plan for and reduce the risk of wildfire.

FY2022 USDA Forest Service NOFO Instructions

Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity Instructions for all applicants in the western states.

Council of Western State Foresters CWDG Program Webpage

Read information about the CWDG program specific to western states.

USDA Forest Service Applicant Webinar Slides

These are the slides from the Western States and Tribes webinar hosted by the USDA USFS.

USDA Forest Service Webinars on the Wildland Fire Learning Portal

Login to the portal, select "Find Learning" > "Courses" from the top menu, then type "CWDG" in the search box.

CWDG Application Development Tool

Download and complete the FY2022 USDA Forest Service CWDG fillable PDF for drafting your application.

Community Wildfire Defense Grant Risk Datasets

Use these datasets to help complete your grant applications.

CWDG Quick Reference

This reference guide provides links to resources and datasets necessary for requesting funding through the Community CWDG program.

IDL CWDG Program Contacts

Corrie Ivey
Grants Project Coordinator
(208) 666-8669

Tyre Holfeltz
Wildfire Risk Mitigation Program Manager
(208) 666-8653

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