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Almost all Idaho Endowment Land is accessible to the public by foot, horseback, bicycle, watercraft or motorized vehicle.

When Idaho became a state, Congress granted Idaho Endowment Land for the sole purpose of funding specified beneficiaries, mainly Idaho public schools. This land forms the core of a perpetual trust, with the land generating revenue for nine endowment beneficiaries forever.

Endowment land is managed by the Idaho Department of Lands at the direction of the Land Board. Board policy supports allowing public use of legally accessible endowment land for recreation, but only if those activities do not degrade the lands,

Maps for Download

Bonners Ferry Vicinity
Roman Nose Snowmobile Area

Since trails in Roman Nose cross multiple land ownerships, users must stay on designated trails. However, this snowmobile system leads to an area open to boondocking.

Sandpoint Vicinity
Hayes Gulch Trail System

Hayes Gulch features nearly 10 miles of multi-use single-track trails shared by motorized and non-motorized recreationists.

Idaho City Vicinity
Thorn Creek Trail System

Located primarily on endowment land, Thorn Creek offers 64 miles of single track and ATV trails that lead riders to the Idaho City Ranger District's trail system.

Boise/Mountain Home Vicinity
Danskin Trail System

Designated single track and ATV trails in Danskin encompass 160 miles and cross both state endowment and federal land. This area covers approximately 60,000 total acres.

GIS Statewide Trail Maps

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation publishes interactive, GIS-based trail maps for summer and wintertime recreation. The maps highlight recreation opportunities for all trail users. Click on the logos for the maps.

Summer Trails

ATV, UTV, Motorbike and Non-Motorized

Winter Trails

Groomed Snowmobile Trails

Endowment Land Accessible to the Public

Find places to go on Idaho Endowment Land using this GIS-enabled map. More than 96% of endowment land is accessible to the public by foot, horseback, bicycle, watercraft or motorized vehicle.

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