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Our Forestry Assistance Bureau Grant Staff strive to assist all current and future cooperators of our grant programs. Here you will find various educational resources about grant opportunities. Be sure to watch our recorded webinars related to Grant Programs, the Funding Opportunities Reference Guide, and other current educational resources. We are here to help with finding the right funding source for your future projects.

Funding Opportunities Reference Guide

The Idaho Department of Lands supports partners and cooperators! We want to help your efforts to seek grant and funding opportunities that enhance conservation and restoration activities in our state. This guide is a collection of funding opportunities, both traditional and nontraditional, that are available nationwide and/or to agencies and organizations within Idaho. Each funding opportunity within this guide is identified as a potential option for the Idaho Department of Lands partners and cooperators to consider when pursuing funding sources to support their projects.

Recorded Webinars

FY2024 HFR Grant Webinar

In preparation for the FY24 Hazard Fuels Reduction (HFR), FY25 Western States Fire Managers (WSFM) & Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Proposals, Idaho Department of Lands Wildfire Risk Mitigation Program Manager Tyre Holfetz hosted a informational webinar presentation. We cover programmatic information, project examples, and best practices for completing this year’s project proposal. Viewers ask collaborative questions and provide comments on the grant programs at the end of the presentation.

FY2023 HFR Grant Webinar

FY2024 LSR/WSFM Grant Webinar

Funding Guide Tutorial

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