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In the West, funds to mitigate risk from wildland fire within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) are available and awarded through a competitive process with emphasis on hazard fuel reduction in the WUI, information and education, assessment and planning, and monitoring through community and landowner action. Funding is provided by the USDA Forest Service, State and Private Forestry branch, administered by the Idaho department of Lands.

Be sure to refer to the current fiscal year Western Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program Criteria and Instructions, and the latest grant webinar for further details and requirements.

FY25 Western States Fire Managers Program (WSFM) Request for Proposals

WSFM and Idaho's Forest Action Plan

In Idaho, WSFM projects must demonstrate how the objectives of the project will help achieve the priorities in the Idaho Forest Action Plan. Additionally, projects should take place within an identified Priority Landscape Area (PLA) or Special Landscape Area (SLA). Refer to the Priority Landscape Area Finder to determine if a project location lies within the boundaries of an Idaho PLA or SLA.

If a project boundary does not lie within a PLA/SLA, the project must take place in an area identified as at High risk for Wildfire (refer to the Idaho Forest Action Plan for risk mapping).

WSFM and County Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP)

In Idaho, for a project to be eligible for WSFM funding, the project must be explicitly identified in a CWPP, Hazard Mitigation Plan, or equivalent document. Coordination with the County entity responsible for maintaining the CWPP is required.


Eligible entities include:

  • State, county, and local agencies
  • Non-profit (501c3) organizations
  • Tribes
  • Educational Institutions

Individual private landowners are not eligible to apply for funding directly with IDL.

When and How to Apply

For Idaho, requests for proposals are announced annually in the Fall/Winter months with a deadline of late Winter/early Spring. However, it is important that potential cooperators subscribe to receive Forestry Grant Program News for the latest information regarding grant cycle openings and deadlines.

Project proposals must be submitted to the Idaho Department of Lands via email. The proposal packet includes:

  • Acknowledgement Form (initials and signature required at submission)
  • Grant Project – Budget Development Guidelines and Restrictions
  • Western Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program Criteria and Instructions
  • Project Proposal Form

Program Contacts

The IDL is happy to provide input and guidance during project planning efforts for those looking to fund their projects with this grant program. Please contact the IDL Grant Project Coordinator or Wildfire Risk Mitigation Program Manager with any questions.

Grants Project Coordinator
Isabella Pritchard

Tyre Holfeltz
Wildfire Risk Mitigation Program Manager
(208) 666-8653

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