Tamarack Forest Improvement Demonstration Site

The West State Fire started November 2, 202, burning just 500 feet from Tamarack’s mid-mountain lodge. The fire advanced into treetops, spreading embers quickly. The fire was ultimately kept at about 60 acres and no structures were damaged. However, the visibility of the fire and the threat it presented looms large in the minds of residents, visitors, and resort management.

Fires that are kept low to the ground are easier to suppress compared to crown fires that burn in treetops and can spread much more quickly. This demonstration project shows how forestry can help protect homes while providing a beautiful recreation area around Tamarack Resort.

“There are a lot of lessons you take out of these events. For us it’s how do we prevent this type of very active fire from happening on other parts of the mountain.”

Scott Turlington, President of Tamarack Resort

Work on the ground

Tamarack is now working with state, county, local and federal agencies on No Boundaries Forestry projects that stretch forest improvements across jurisdictions and property lines. There is already a forest improvement demonstration project underway alongside the resort. The forest was thinned and undergrowth and dead tree branches were removed. Tree branches were trimmed to eliminate “ladder fuels” which can result in rapidly moving fires.


See the aftermath of the West State Fire one year later and learn how it inspired No Boundaries Forestry projects.

Watch the video to see how forest management has changed at Tamarack with Stephanie Nelson, Wildfire Prevention Associates.

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