Governor declares July 2 Idaho Wildland Firefighter Day

Friday July 1, 2022

Boise, ID – Governor Brad Little has proclaimed July 2 as Idaho Wildland Firefighter Day.
The proclamation recognizes the highly dangerous work Idaho wildland firefighters accomplish in the protection of 6.3 million acres of private, state and federal land.

Last year Idaho’s wildland firefighters fought 413 wildfires on 142 thousand acres, holding 88% of the fires to 10 acres or less. These men and women spend weeks living and working in dirt and smoke and working up against heat and flames while they protect our communities, natural resources, watersheds, recreational opportunities and the forest products industry, which accounts for $2.4 billion of Idaho’s economy.

“Without this skilled workforce in Idaho we wouldn’t be able to combat the continued threat of wildfire,” said Governor Little. “Idaho has invested in our wildland fire program to assure they can respond effectively to the severe fire seasons that are increasingly the new norm in Idaho.”

“As we enter this fire season, it is important we recognize our wildland firefighters and the important work they do,” Little added. “I encourage the people of Idaho to join me in observing Idaho Wildland Firefighter Day.”

So far this summer, Idaho Department of Lands has fought 17 fires, 14 of which were human caused, with only 32 acres burned.

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Idaho Wildland Firefighter Day occurs in conjunction with the National Wildland Firefighter Day and during the Wildland Firefighter Week of Remembrance (June 30-July 6).

Read Governor Little's Proclamation