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Forester Forum LogoForester Forums are short informational publications that cover various aspects of forest management practices. The Forester Forums enable talented and knowledgeable Idaho Department of Lands staff to share information about important issues pertaining to forestry dedicated to assisting forest landowners, including private landowners. Forester Forums are also included and found in our Agency Guidance Documents.

Topics covered are Forest Management, Fire Management, Forest Practices, and Insect and Disease. Keep an eye on this page as more posts are added.

Forest Management

Administering a Timber Harvest

Administering a Timber Harvest In technical terms, timber sale administration is the supervision of harvest activities to achieve silvicultural and economic objectives through sound logging practices and proper log utilization. In plain English, sale administration is telling a logger what you want before it’s too late. Communication and cooperation between a landowner and the logger […]

Locating a Timber Sale Purchaser

Experienced landowners know that a successful timber harvest requires planning. After management objectives, silvicultural prescriptions, and contractual requirements are formulated, a purchaser must be found.

Timber Sale Contracts

Too often timber harvests are conducted with no more than a nod and a handshake between the parties involved. Although this procedure sometimes works, a written agreement is far better.

Planning a Timber Harvest

Informed family forest landowners know you can harvest trees, make a profit and still have a healthy thriving woodlot that looks good. Sound impossible? Well the truth is a forest can be improved with a successful timber harvest.

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