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  • The Blair Fire, sparked by lightening scorched nearly 40,000 acres near Glenns Ferry.
  • Local ranchers responding to the fire were asked to leave due to liability concerns by the BLM.
  • A fire that may have been held to a few acres, rapidly exploded in size.


  • During the winter, several Mountain Home ranchers contacted the Idaho Department of Lands and the BLM about working together to stop wildfires.
  • Using a private-public partnership model developed in Oregon, the agencies helped the ranchers form Idaho’s first RFPA, the Mountain Home Rural Fire Protection Association.
  • The Scout Fire that summer was the first test of the collaborative RFPA effort to build rangeland firefighting capacity.


  • House Bill 93 was unanimously passed by both chambers of the Idaho Legislature, codifying under Idaho Code 38-104B the framework for RFPAs to operate in Idaho.
  • Four new RFPAs were formed: Black Canyon RFPA, Owyhee RFPA, Saylor Creek FRPA and Three Creek RFPA.


  • The Saylor Creek and Three Creek Rangeland Fire Protection Associations earn the prestigious Pulaski Award for their accomplishments during the 2013 fire season.


  • The Shoshone Basin RFPA was formed.


  • Two new RFPAs were formed: Camas Creek RFPA and Notch Butte RFPA.


  • The Henry’s Creek RFPA was formed.


  • In his first State of the State address, newly elected Governor Brad Little praised RFPAs for their initial attack and the vital intelligence they provide.


  • The Weiser River RFPA was formed.
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