Commercial Ground Lease Available in McCall

Wednesday March 27, 2024

Boise, ID - Idaho Endowment Land is scattered across the state. Most of that land is timberlands, but there are also commercial parcels. One commercial parcel known as "Deinhard A," is located off Deindard Land in McCall and is currently available for a commercial ground lease.

The parcel is approximately 12.5 acres and is within McCall city limits. It appears to carry a Community Commercial (CC) zoning designation. Proposers may offer a lease for up to 49 years.

Typically, to negotiate a commercial ground lease IDL first solicits interest through a Request for Proposals (RFP). Each proposal will be wholly evaluated while keeping in alignment with Idaho’s constitution, which states endowment land is to be managed for the long-term financial return to the endowment beneficiaries. Once an RFP is awarded, the winner will be eligible to negotiate a lease with IDL for their proposal.

Idaho’s constitution also requires IDL to use a competitive bidding process when awarding leases. The final negotiated lease will be advertised for availability to the public at large. The winner of the RFP and any other interested parties are provided the same opportunity to compete at auction by offering a premium bid for the right to secure the lease.

The competitive bidding process secures the highest value for the lease and generates additional funds for the beneficiaries. In this case it is the Public School Endowment Fund. Learn more about Idaho Endowment Land management.

More information can be found on IDL’s commercial leasing webpage.

View Map of Premises to be Leased



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Sharla Arledge
Idaho Department of Lands
Public Information Officer