Dumping Problem on Endowment Land Near Wendell

Wednesday November 2, 2022

Wendell, ID – Three pickups and three trailers were filled with piles of trash after Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) staff cleaned up endowment land six miles northeast of Wendell. IDL is looking to the public for help.

Money that should help financially support Idaho’s public schools instead has to cover the cost of cleanup thanks to the inconsiderate people who illegally dump couches, mattresses, and leave behind piles of shooting targets including an old freezer. This despite there being a large transfer station just five miles away where it is free to dump.
This area has been a problem over the past few years, but the amount of illegal dumping and the amount of trash left behind after target shooting has continued to increase, requiring staff to patrol, clean and haul it all away.

“While we want Idahoans to enjoy recreating on endowment land, it is a privilege, not a right,” said IDL Director Dustin Miller. “Grazing and other management activities generate revenue for public schools on this land. The public is free to use these lands as a secondary privilege only if their activities do not cause damage or disturb current management activities.”
“Some people who target shoot think they are doing other people a favor by leaving behind items for others to shoot. Instead, they leave a mess for others to clean up and in the process take away money from our school children,” said Benn Brocksome, Executive Director of Idaho Sportsmen. “Enjoy your recreation, sight in your weapon for hunting, but be respectful and take your targets and trash with you, leaving no trace behind.”

IDL encourages those who see someone illegally dumping to report it the county Sheriff's Office. License plate numbers and photos are extremely helpful.
Groups that would like to adopt this land for clean-up may contact the IDL Eastern Supervisory Field Office in Jerome at 208-324-2561.
Endowment Trust Lands are managed differently than other types of public land. They were given to Idaho at statehood to create a legal trust for the sole purpose of financially supporting specific beneficiaries, in this case public schools. The Idaho Constitution requires endowment lands to be managed to maximize revenue for the beneficiaries.