GIS technology to promote timber sales on endowment land

Monday July 11, 2022

Boise, ID - Thanks to a new GIS-enabled service launched by the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL), Idaho’s forest products industry and members of the public can easily find information about timber being sold by the department.

The new online app, available at, provides a statewide view of all IDL timber sales planned across the landscape and allows users to zoom in to review the boundaries of individual sales. The service’s interactive map also features selectable layers of imagery and connects users with auction dates, appraisal documents, cruise data, and development cost estimates.

“IDL’s new GIS timber sale advertisement system increases the transparency of its operations, helping the public understand the important role endowment land plays in funding Idaho’s schools and other state institutions,” said Governor Brad Little. “Selling timber grown on endowment land also helps fuel Idaho’s strong economy and our $2.4 billion forest products industry.”

Nearly one in four trees harvested in Idaho grow on endowment land and green collar jobs employ 31,000 Idahoans.

Prospective bidders and interested members of the public can also sign up to receive notifications about IDL timber sales advertised in their area.

“This new online service is designed to help increase competitive bidding for the endowment timber,” said IDL Director Dustin Miller.

IDL manages one million acres of endowment forestland and sells more than 300 million board feet of timber annually via public auction. Last year timber sales and other land management activities generated nearly $87 million for beneficiaries including Idaho’s public schools, universities, state hospitals and veterans’ homes.

The agency expects its timber sale volume to increase to 326 million board feet in fiscal year 2023.

“Statewide, for every one tree harvested seven more are growing in its place,” said Miller. “IDL remains committed to sustainably managing endowment timberland to keep our forest healthy and productive, ensuring endowment land benefits generations to come.”

Fiscal year 2022 timber sales that are still in progress will continue to be available at online at Future offerings, including Fiscal Year 2023 sales, will be advertised via the new online app