Idaho Department of Lands Achievements for FY20

Thursday January 21, 2021

Despite many challenges of the past year, Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) had many positive achievements made possible because of its dedicated employees.

Employees met Idaho’s constitutional mandate to maximize endowment land revenue with a near-record $81 million distributed to endowment beneficiaries. IDL planted 2.1 million seedlings, harvested 247 million board feet of timber, provided 2,153 forest practice notifications and 1,280 inspections.

IDL protected 6.3 million acres from fire, issued 18,205 burn permits, and extinguished 256 wildfires with 90% held to 10 acres or less.

To help stay a step ahead of future wildfires, employees surveyed 959,465 acres for gypsy moth infestation and another 153,442 acres for Douglas-fir tussock moth.

IDL also provided 1,081 private landowners forestry training in 37 sessions. The agency acquired 41 miles of road easements which are crucial for accessing isolated parcels of endowment land. Employees managed 2,111 leases that generated $7.8 million for the beneficiaries; 1,106 of these leases allowed ranchers to graze 256,678 AUMs on endowment rangeland. IDL issued 383 new encroachment permits on public trust land, bringing the statewide total 10,509.

The IDL FY20 Annual Report can be found at The fiscal year for IDL is from July 1- June 30.