Idaho Endowment Fund Investment Board Announces New Chairman

Monday February 22, 2021

(BOISE) – The Idaho Endowment Fund Investment Board (EFIB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Wilford as its chairman, replacing Dean Buffington who served as chairman for the last 17 years.
Wilford joined the EFIB in April of 2019 and currently serves as the chair of its Audit Committee. He brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the chairman position. He has served as the president of Alscott, Inc. (20 years), Chief Executive Officer of the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation (20 years), was a partner with the accounting firm of Ernst & Young (27 years), and served as the director of the Idaho Power Company (11 years).

Wilford holds a BSB and MSB in Accounting from the University of Minnesota and attended the University of Southern California – Business Executive Program. He is a Certified Public Accountant.
The Endowment Fund Investment Board is the nine-member board and staff established to manage and invest the proceeds generated by endowment lands; it reports to the State Board of Land Commissioners. The endowment fund generates millions for its beneficiaries every year, generated an investment return of 16.3% during calendar year 2020 and ending the year with a balance of $2.8 billion.
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Chris Anton, EFIB Manager of Investments
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